At kairos hollywood, we feel we can be best known through experience. We center ourselves around our vision, values, and expressions of God’s Kingdom. Gathering, Discipleship Workshops, Community Groups, and City Ministries are our four expressions of the kairos community where we live out our calling.

Our Community Groups gather together regularly to communally participate in worship, in teaching, and in the Lord’s Supper, in what we call our Gathering. In the midst of life in a busy city, the Gathering is our rhythm of recentering on God.

Learn more about our Gathering vision or come join us at Gathering.

Discipleship Workshops

Jesus calls us to follow him, and Discipleship Workshops (DWs) are the places we learn, listen, and respond to the call of Jesus. These are groups that meet for either a few months for a topical group, or for about 1 year for a full-length discipleship workshop, built around the questions: What is God saying to me? and How will I respond?

Community Groups

Community Groups are the mid-sized communities in which we live out our calling together. They are the “extended families” of kairos that meet together throughout the week and throughout the city. Community Groups often share meals together, discuss the sacred text, pray together, and journey through life together.

City Ministries

We serve our neighbors because God’s love for us is wrapped up in the love shared when our needs and our neighbors’ needs are met in one another. City Ministries are long-term partnerships owned by our Community Groups. Even if you are not connected to a Community Group, you are invited to join, love, and serve with us throughout the city. Some of our City Ministries have expanded so far that they’ve gone beyond the walls of kairos hollywood and have become non-profits, yet we continue to be intimately involved in their growth in God’s Kingdom.

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