A child of God…

God is calling us to live fully into our identity as God’s image-bearers and to live fully into his love for us – like the love a parent has for their kid.

You are a child of God.

Called into community…

Life’s journey is not meant to be lived alone. We are wired for relationship and are called into relationship with each other.

We are called into community.

For the sake of the city.

Community exists to see redemption and restoration on the streets and neighborhoods of our city. To live out love and care towards others. To find home and family in a lonely place and invite others into that.

All for the sake of the city.



It is through discipleship that we realize and live more into our lives as children, and our life as a community.


We participate with God’s mission by being fully alive in community, and through restoration of our city – both locally and globally.


Jesus Christ…

Jesus is the full example of a child of the Father. He formed communities of which we live, and called us into our God’s mission, of which we participate. In all we do, we desire to point to, come closer to, and find our joy in the presence of Jesus.

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