rhythms: gatherings & community groups

Here at Kairos we are a Christian church that believes in intentional missional living.

Starting in 2013, we transitioned into a new church rhythm and model. We wanted to re-center and re-focus our community on engaged, missional living, and so on Sunday’s we meet either in the Fountain Room for our Worship Gathering or in people’s homes for a meal and a discussion, we call these Community Groups. The point of these gatherings & community groups is to re-center on God where we will experience:

  • a regular rhythm of scripture – we have a community of people who know the broad story of God in scripture and can use that knowledge in their understanding of our childship, our call to community, and our work on God’s mission
  • a place of contemplative prayer – forming a community of people who regularly listen to God
  • giving glory to God in worship – who see ourselves as we are and God as God is
  • commitment to living missionally

Confused about our structure or unsure where to start? Join our WhatsApp community thread, check out our calendar, or email us for more information.