serving the city

serving the city

All for the sake of the city.

The end goal of our City Ministries is not completed service projects but life fostered in community for the sake of the city. Our community exists to see relationships, redemption, and restoration on the streets of our city. To live out love and care towards others. To find home and family amid loneliness.

We recognize that many of us are investing in our neighbors and neighborhoods in various personal ways, and we support these efforts.  We consider those our community's scattered City Ministries, little pockets of mission sprinkled throughout the city.

Our community's main gathered City Ministry, the way in which we invest in mission together, is currently by tutoring at LACC - more info below.

City Ministries

We serve our neighbors because God's love for us is wrapped up in the love shared when our needs and our neighbors' needs are met in one another. While we support individuals' own scattered City Ministries, in addition, our gathered City Ministries are long-term partnerships where we invest in our city together. Some of our City Ministries have expanded so far that they've gone beyond the walls of Kairos Hollywood and have become non-profits.  Regardless of form, we continue to be intimately involved in the growth of God's Kingdom through his care for everyone in our city.

Current City Ministries

LACC Tutoring

LACC Tutoring

On Saturdays we volunteer at LACC's GED and HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) classes to help tutor students in Reading, Writing & Math.  We also consistently pray for these students, provide baked goods during their study sessions, and support their GED testing.


Manna Room

The Manna Room began when a Kairos member who worked at Trader Joe's asked if Hope (our partner church) could use a couple bags of bread that were thrown away every week. It's now grown from a couple bags to millions of pounds of almost-expiring food a year.  We help sort the multitude of those donations daily in the mornings.

Ministries for Other Cities


Redemption Pastor Support

Kairos helps support Gary Alloway, a church planter and pastor at Redemption Church in Bristol, PA. Redemption is one of our co-churches in the Ecclesia Network.


Illini Life Pastor Support

Kairos helps support Wayne Wager, a pastor at Illini Life Christian Fellowship. ILCF is a community of Christian believers on the campus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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