frequently asked questions

who are you?

We’re Kairos Hollywood, a group of friends and neighbors and families in northeast Los Angeles.

Kairos is a greek word for a divine moment – those chance encounters where the separation between the sacred and the ordinary seems almost nonexistent, and where we have a sense of divine clarity about ourselves and our world. We believe those kairos moments happen all the time.

More formally, we’re a Jesus community in East Hollywood. We desire to see missional communities thrive and reproduce in Los Angeles and beyond.

Kairos Hollywood is sisters with Kairos Antelope Valley, part of Kairos Los Angeles, the Ecclesia Network, and the Missio Alliance.

what are you about?

You are a child of God (identity) called into community (calling) for the sake of the city (mission). That’s true of each of us.

We try to help each other live into that identity, calling, and mission through discipleship (learning to love God by following Jesus) and mission (learning to love others by serving and giving of ourself).

We’re about growth and transformation through discipleship: of you, of our community, and of our city.

We’re always trying to listen to what God is saying to us and to respond to God’s voice by taking active steps of faithfulness.

who’s in charge?

We have a team of equippers who lead together; following Ephesians 4, we raise up leaders from our church community “to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” (Ephesians 4:12)

where do you meet?

Every other Sunday we meet at 5PM at 4903 Fountain Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029 in a space called the Fountain Room. We’ve been meeting here since 2002. On the Sundays we aren’t in the Fountain Room, we meet in homes around the city.

** If you drive, park 1/4 block away in the lot behind the Hollywood Preschool (1313 N Edgemont St).

If you metro or bus, we’re near Vermont/Sunset.

If you bike, lock up outside or bring your bike in with you.

We also have a few favorite hangouts in the neighborhood and spend a lot of time in each other’s houses.

what do you do when you meet?

It depends on the week.

We alternate between our Sunday Gathering (a time of worship, prayer, Eucharist and Scripture) and our Sunday Community Groups (a time of food, conversation, community, and prayer).

On Gathering weeks, we meet in the Fountain Room, address listed above. On Community Group weeks, we all bring food to share and meet in each others’ homes.

how do I know which week it is?

See our community calendar

or get on our email list

what about kids?

We love kids and families and they are integrated into our life together as a community.

We balance times when children are integrated together with adults (we don’t mind the noise), and when kids have focused/supervised time to grow and play together. Usually on Sunday Gatherings we have a separate space for kids to play and learn about Jesus.

Our hope is that our community can help parents help their kids grow as followers and disciples of Jesus. We invite our kids into the same questions we ask adults: what is God saying to you, and what will you do in response?

do you do anything that’s not on Sunday?


Sunday is one of our regular gathering days as a community, but we spend a lot of time together throughout the week. We do a lot of “just for fun” things and a lot of discipleship stuff together. One of the goals for our community is that we grow together as a family, so we try to be intentional about being part of each other’s lives.

what if I have more questions?

Just show up and talk to us.

or email us.

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