Kairos cherishes its relationships with others, and there are a few we would like to highlight.

Kairos Community – Antelope Valley

Kairos Antelope Valley was its own church community also called kairos! When we realized our common values, Kairos AV decided to join our network of neighborhood churches in July of 2012.

Ecclesia Network

Ecclesia is a relational network of churches, leaders and movements that seek to equip, partner and multiply missional churches and movements. The core functions of the Ecclesia Network are Church & Movement Multiplication, Global Church Partnerships, Congregational Coaching & Assessment, Trans-local Community, Mutual Equipping, Network Expansion, and Administrative Functions.


Reliant (previously GCM) mobilizes missionaries to work in their local churches for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship and church planting. They train, employ and serve missionaries as they raise a team of supporters for their ministry. Our staff are employed at kairos through this human resource.

The Manna Room

The Manna Room is a ministry at kairos that was birthed out of Hope International’s feeding mininstry. Today, Hope and kairos help manage the use and distribution of about $1,000,000 annually worth of donated food from local grocery stores. kairos concentrates on the sorting of food.

Hope International Bible Church

Hope is bustling with activity daily. On an average day you can expect to find any number of Bible studies, church services, seminars, homeless feedings, visiting missionaries, small groups and much more.

Without Hope, there would be no kairos. Hope has provided a home for our Gathering for several years, guidance in our early years, and continued support.